Directed by Louise Marsland


Thursday 19th October 2000, 7.45pm
Friday 20th October 2000, 7.45pm
Saturday 21st October 2000, 7.45pm

Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 2000-2001 Season

Val Hunt nominated
for the Allan Warburton Cup for Best Actress
for playing Helene Hanff

Jamie Spawton nominated
for The Barry Phillips Award for the Most Promising
Youngster (Male)
for playing Thomas

This gently sentimental and touching story is based on letters exchanged over two decades between a young, struggling writer in New York City and the staff of Mark & Company, a rare bookshop in London at 84 Charing Cross Road. This true story, based on a book by Helene Hanff, is filled with charming characters and tender moments, making it a warm and moving entertainment that won high praise when first performed on Broadway.

"charming, charming, charming... a gently touching hands-across-the-sea chronicle in the best sense of the word" - New York Daily News

The Cast
Helene Hanff Val Hunt
Frank Doel John Banks
Cecily Farr Hannah Lockwood
Megan Wells Lucille Connolly
Mr Martin Harry Lowe
William Humphries Tony Hughes
Maxine Stuart Louise Marsland
Joan Todd Corrine Heaney
Thomas Jamie Spawton

The Crew
Director Louise Marsland
Stage Manager Harry Lowe
Lighting Bill Beton
Lee Tipton
Sound Jamie Spawton
Properties Marion Dean
Gordon Dean
Set Design Elaine Hughes
Artwork Elaine Hughes
Laurie Fowler
Hannah Lamb
Set Construction Elaine Hughes
Tony Hughes
Grace Reed
Geof Reed
Janet Douglas
Karl Douglas
Peter Hammond
Vera Hammond
Costumes Grace Reed
Prompt Marguerite Alexander
Programme Bill Beton