Directed by Geoffrey Reed


Wednesday 12th December 2001, 7.15pm
Thursday 13th December 2001, 7.15pm
Friday 14th December 2001, 7.45pm
Saturday 15th December 2001, 2.00pm and 7.45pm

Although not a common story line, this pantomime by Norman Robbins contains the classic ingredients of goodies, baddies, pantomime dame, corny jokes and "behind you" scenes to have you delighted and groaning to the end. Find out how Ali Baba, with a lot of help from his friends, overcomes the evil Al Raschild and how Tinbad the Tailor stitches up the plot. We do not guarantee forty thieves (the wardrobe manager won't produce the costumes!) but we do offer plenty of laughs and excitement for children and adults alike. Christmas fun for all the family.

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The Cast
Tinbad the Tailor Bill Beton
Cascara, Ali Baba's Housekeeper Owen Le Blanc
Ali Baba Jeff Lomax
Haroun, Ali Baba's son Gill Beton
Marsaina, a slave girl Tracy Jarrett
Morgana, Mistress of Fates Janet Douglas
Avarice, an Evil Afrit Grace Reed
Kassim Baba, Ali Baba's brother Geoffrey Reed
Rhum Baba, Kassim Baba's wife Vera Hammond
Hanki Panki, a failed thief Denise Ellis
Jiggeri Pokeri, his companion Ruth O'Hara
Al Raschid, leader of the forty thieves Jamie Spawton
Achmed the 'Orrible, one of his men Chris Barnes
Citizens, Merchants, Slaves, Thieves etc. Helen Dean
Marion Dean
Gordon Dean
Rachel Gillespie
Megan Hughes
Helen Jones
Jenny Maddock
Louise Marsland
Jayne Miller
Lee Tipton

The Crew
Director Geoffrey Reed
Stage Manager Karl Douglas
Musical Arranger and Piano Owen Le Blanc
Choreographer Maureen Gray
Lighting Design Bill Beton
John Slevin
Lighting John Slevin
Phil Burdge
Geoff Buckley
Sound Jarka Halkova
Sarah Glover
Set Design Grace Reed
Geoffrey Reed
Artwork Peter Hammond
Set Construction Gill Beton
Bill Beton
Lucille Connolly
Marion Dean
Gordon Dean
Janet Douglas
Karl Douglas
Maureen Gray
Vera Hammond
Pat Helingoe
Bob Helingoe
Helen Jones
Harry Lowe
Grace Reed
Geoffrey Reed
Costumes Grace Reed
Marion Dean
Programme Bill Beton