by Bettine Manktelow


February 1986

Act I - Party Games  1968 - evening

Milburn Milburn Jim Wakeford
Gina Jones Louise Brierley
Fiona Caroline Schofield
Charles Brownlow Bob Challoner
Director Betty Hannam

Act II - The Brighton Line 1973 - early evening

Mrs Ewing Kathleen Neale
Shane Charlie Cook
Gillian Julie Hanson
Director Valerie Fentem

Act III - Squatters Rights 1978 - afternoon

Terry Andrew Gething
Tracey Christine Reed
Stella Warren Beverley Rogers
Julian Mitchell John Chidgey
Director Nigel Stewart

Production Crew
Stage Manager Grace Reed
Lighting Steve Smith
Prompt Miriam Walker
ASM Sally Gething
Front of House David Melliar Smith
Set Designer Grace Reed
Set built by Paul Antonelli
Andrew Gething
Betty Hannam
Philip Hannam
Alan Stansfield
Steve Smith
Grace Reed
Geof Reed
Kathrin Basedau

The action of the play takes place in a hotel bedroom in Brighton over a period of ten years. Each act forms a separate story linked by the setting which is seen to deteriorate gradually as the hotel becomes first a boarding house and then an empty property for sale. The theme of the play is the changing sexual attitudes over a decade explored in a humorous manner.