Directed by Grace Reed


Wednesday 29th March 2006, 7.45pm
Thursday 30th March 2006, 7.45pm
Friday 31st March 2006, 7.45pm
Saturday 1st April 2006, 7.45pm

Jack has just been acquitted of manslaughter, and delightedly regales his live-in girl-friend Maggie and their neighbours Lynne and Dennis with a disparaging account of the trial.

According to the evidence (most of it Jack's), the victim Philip Mercer had broken in late at night, and on being confronted by Jack, produced a gun, which Jack got hold of during the ensuing struggle and then used to kill Mercer.

A clear case of self-defence. Or was it?

The Cast
Jack, an antique dealer Tony Hughes
Maggie, his girlfriend Tracy Jarrett
Dennis, their neighbour Ted Gwyer
Lynne, their neighbour Liz Anderson

The Crew
Director Grace Reed
Assistant Director Marion Dean
Stage Managers Gordon Dean
Geoffrey Reed
Lighting and Sound
        with help from
Tobias Schiebeck
Anja Heine
Properties Liz Hinsliff
Set Design Grace Reed
Set Construction Gordon Dean
Marion Dean
Karl Douglas

Janet Douglas
Tom Brown

Liz Anderson

Geof Reed
Grace Reed

Harry Lowe

Tony Hughes

Lucille Connolly
Maureen Gray
Prompt Marguerite Alexander
Programme Pauline Jellicoe