A Traditional Family Pantomime

by Norman Robbins

directed by Cynthia Ridout


Wednesday 12th December 2007, 7.15pm
Thursday 13th December 2007, 7.15pm
Friday 14th December 2007, 7.15pm
Saturday 15th December 2007, 2.00pm and 7.15pm

Dick comes to London looking for wealth and fortune, only to be falsely accused of stealing gold. He faces many adventures including being shipwrecked. Finally he clears his name, wins his struggles against King Rat with the help of the Good Fairy, and is made Lord Mayor of London.

Award Nominations

We received three nominations at the Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 2007-8 for this production:

  • Most Promising Youngster (female) - Lucy Bent
  • "Oh Yes You Have" Shield for Pantomime
  • Margaret Thomas Salver for Best Costume

Photo Gallery

The Cast
Fairy Bowbells Joanne Reeves
King Rat Gordon Dean
Alderman Fitzwarren Owen Le Blanc
Idle Jack Ian Hare
Sarah the Cook David Basnett
Dick Whittington Ruth Summerly-Barron
Tommy the Cat Janet Douglas
Captain Port Trevor Williams
1st Mate Starboard Lee Tipton
Alice Fitzwarren Lucy Bent
A Cannibal Callum Tipton
Sultana Bunn Marion Dean
Zubediah Anja Heine
Chorus Marion Dean
Grace Reed
Claire Gwyer
Julie Spence
Anja Heine
Callum Tipton
Sophie Diss
Amy Carter
Abby Tipton


The Crew
Director Cynthia Ridout
Stage Manager Karl Douglas
Lighting Tobias Schiebeck
Sound Anja Le Blanc
Costumes Grace Reed
Marion Dean
Choreography Maureen Gray
Anja Heine
Pianist Geoffrey Brocklehurst
Musical Selection Marion Dean
Set Construction The Cast