Dracula The Panto

A Traditional Family Pantomime
by Jim Sperinck


Wednesday 14th December 2016, 7.15pm
Thursday 15th December 2016, 7.15pm
Friday 16th December 2016, 7.15pm
Saturday 17th December 2016, 2.00pm and 7.15pm

Dracula The Panto  

This production has all the classical elements of a traditional family pantomime. No, really!

Dracula needs a new bride as his existing brides are all "dried up". He enlists the help of Steak and Kidney. Will he succeed in his mission to entice the beautiful Sonia or will he end up with the Dame, Rosie Glow?

Wilmslow Guild Players' Christmas pantomime is the best kept secret in Wilmslow - until now! But those in the know keep coming back year after year.

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The Cast
Dame Rosie Glow Dave Basnett
Jack Caity King
Richard Charlotte MacDonald
Sonja Lucy Diss
Dracula Tobias Schiebeck
Boris Matis Blamey
Steak Trevor Williams
Kidney Jane Hyde
Fairy Garlic Grace Reed
Minerva Amaia Basanez
Bride of "Oh No" Peter van der Zeil
Brides Janet Douglas
Marion Dean

The Crew
Director Anja Schiebeck
Assistant Director Anja Le Blanc
Musical Directors Owen Le Blanc
Marion Dean
Choreography Miss Ellie
Prompt Anja Schiebeck
Stage Manager Karl Douglas
Sound Luke Tidsey
Bill Beton
Lighting Matt Beton
Bill Beton
Make Up Gill Beton
Abi Beton
Stage Artwork Mary Francis
Costumes and Props Grace Reed
Marion Dean
Set Guild Players and Volunteers
Production Manager Tom Brown