Garlic and Lavender

By Nick Warburton
Directed by Moyra Hampson

An outrageous vampire comedy which combines every traditional element of the vampire horror genre - including a sinister henchman, surly villagers and a doughty vampire expert! Sorry, but we couldn't afford Sarah Michelle Gellar, but needless to say the vampire gets slain in the endor does he??


The Wilmslow Festival of One Act Plays, Saturday 18th May 2002




The Cast


Ruth O'Hara


Tracy Jarrett

Count Drackenberg

Bill Beton

Murk Toby Jones
Dr. Lutz Owen Le Blanc
Trudi Lucille Connolly
Boris Gordon Dean
Emmanuelle Maureen Gray
Herr Kronjarg Geof Reed
Olga Grace Reed
Hans Chris Barnes
Daisy Marion Dean
Roger Jamie Spawton
Herr Jargkron Geof Reed
Hilda Grace Reed

The Crew


Moyra Hampson

Prompt Marguerite Alexander