Directed by Patricia Helingoe


Thursday 13th July 2000, 7.45pm
Friday 14th July 2000, 7.45pm
Saturday 15th July 2000, 7.45pm

Have you any idea what it's like to be unable to read and write in today's world of modern technology?

Groping for Words, from the writer of the Adrian Mole books, is set in an adult education centre where Joyce, a newly qualified teacher, is establishing a class to redress adult illiteracy. The stigma of illiteracy is explored with a fine vein of comic indignation. Her pupils, Kevin, George and Thelma reveal the realities of being on the social scrap heap.

The Cast
Kevin Lee Tipton
Joyce Moyra Hampson
George Graham Smith
Thelma Helen Swinnerton

The Crew
Director Patricia Helingoe
Stage Manager Grace Reed
Geof Reed
Lighting Alan Jenney
Sound Karl Douglas
Properties Lucille Connolly
Set Design Grace Reed
Geof Reed
Artwork Peter Hammond
Costumes Grace Reed
Prompt Marguerite Alexander
Makeup Gill Beton
Programme Bill Beton