Directed by Elaine Hughes


Wednesday 10th December 2003, 7.15pm
Thursday 11th December 2003, 7.15pm
Friday 12th December 2003, 7.45pm
Saturday 13th December 2003, 2.00pm and 7.45pm

Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 2003-2004 Season

Sophie Darrington nominated for the Rebecca Seymour Award
for Most Promising Youngster (Female)
for the part of Priscilla

Nominated for the James Tait Award for Best
Production with Musical Content

Join us once again for our much loved traditional family pantomime. This year we return to a well known story, and promise you bad jokes, slapstick humour, "behind you" scenes, wicked baddies and first-class goodies to keep you cheering, booing and laughing all evening.

Don't miss this Christmas fun for all the family!

The Gallery

The Cast
The Fairy Queen Pauline Jellicoe
Harmony Lucille Connolly
Discord Patricia Helingoe
Clarence Creep Tony Hughes
Jill Goose Claire Gwyer
Colin Amy Walker
Billy Goose Ted Gwyer
Sage Tracy Jarrett
Onions Denise Ellis
Mother Goose Bill Beton
Priscilla Sophie Darrington
Chorus Callum Tipton
Louise Marsland
Sam Johnson
Emma Quinn
Harry Marsland
Lauren Hemmingway
Matthew Cotton
Leah Wilson
Ali Parr
Marion Dean

Lee Tipton

Tristan Jakob-Hoff
Grace Reed

Gordon Dean

Megan Hughes
The Crew
Director Elaine Hughes
Assistant Director Tony Hughes
Musical Director Rosy Williams
Stage Manager Geoffrey Reed
Lighting Tobias Schiebeck
Sound Anja Bindrich
Choreographer Lisa Darrington

Grace Reed
Marion Dean

Set Design Elaine Hughes
Artwork Elaine Hughes
Programme Elaine Hughes
Set Construction Grace Reed
Karl Douglas
Janet Douglas
Geoffrey Reed
Elaine Hughes
Anne Braddon
Marion Dean

Patricia Helingoe

Lucille Connolly

Tony Hughes

Gordon Dean


Many thanks to Guide Bridge Theatre for assistance with the artwork.