Directed by Gordon Livingston


Wednesday 15th December 1999, 7.15pm
Thursday 16th December 1999, 7.15pm
Friday 17th December 1999, 7.45pm
Saturday 18th December 1999, 2.00pm and 7.45pm

Share in the magic of a traditional English pantomime with all your favourite characters.

Cheer the goodies, boo the baddies and ensure that good triumphs over evil.

Christmas fun for the young and young at heart.

The Cast
Mother Goose/Fairy Godmother Patricia Helingoe
Marjory Daw Gill Beton
Jack Spratt Bill Beton
Casparine Louise Marsland
Hectorine Denise Ellis
Peter Megan Mills
Puss Janet Douglas
Gruesome Alan Lucas
Queen Fanny Graham Smith
Lady Chamberlain Lucille Connolly
Freckles Ian Illingworth
Princess Miranda Tamzin Burrows
Crunchbones the Ogre Geof Reed
Courtier 1 Richard Tweedie
Courtier 2 Jamie Spawton
Courtier 3 Debbie Monaghan
Courtier 4 Stella Coffey
Courtier 5 Laila Jabr
Villagers, Children, etc. Grace Reed
Vera Hammond
Maureen Gray
Helen Swinnerton
Richard Tweedie
Jamie Spawton
Stella Coffey
Debbie Monaghan
Laila Jabr

The Crew
Director Gordon Livingston
Assistant Director Geof Reed
Stage Manager Harry Lowe
Musical Arrangements Gordon Livingston
Choreography Maureen Gray
Lighting Lee Tipton
Sound Karl Douglas
Scenery Harry Lowe
Peter Hammond
Karl Douglas
and the Players
Artwork Peter Hammond
Costumes Grace Reed
Programme Pauline Jellicoe