Directed by Derek Slater

" will promise to forget this fellow--to illiterate him, I say, quite from your memory."


Thursday 13th March 2003, 7.45pm
Friday 14th March 2003, 7.45pm
Saturday 15th March 2003, 7.45pm

Last produced in 1976, Sheridan's famous 18th Century comedy of love, snobbery and fashion returns to the Guild stage! This immensely popular and beautifully crafted comedy of manners blends wit, satire and an array of unforgettable characters to create one of the classic comic gems of the English stage.

Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 2002-2003 Season

Tony Hughes awarded the Geoffrey Croxford Cup for Best
Supporting Actor
for the part of Faulkland

Adelle Cockshott nominated for The Geoffrey Kellett Cup for
Best Supporting Actress
for the part of Julia

Nominated for The Margaret Thomas
Salver for Best Costume

Nominated for the Vicky Lane Trophy
for Dramatic Achievement

"He is the very pineapple of politeness."

The Cast
Fag Graham Simmonds
Coachman Gordon Dean
Lydia Helen Dean
Lucy Claire Gwyer
Julia Adelle Cockshott
Mrs Malaprop Pauline Jellicoe
Sir Anthony Absolute Jeff Lomax
Captain Absolute Paul Clerkin
Faulkland Tony Hughes
Acres Charlie Cook
Sir Lucius O'Trigger Owen Le Blanc
David Jamie Spawton

The Crew
Director Derek Slater
Stage Manager Grace Reed
Assistant Stage Manager Liz Cook
Lighting Tobias Schiebeck
Sound Rachel Gillespie
Properties Marion Dean
Juliet Wilford
Costumes Grace Reed
Marion Dean
Set Design and Artwork Elaine Hughes
Set Construction Gordon Dean
Harry Lowe

Janet Douglas

Karl Douglas

Lucille Connolly

Maureen Gray

Pauline Jellicoe

Jeff Lomax

Liz Cook

Charlie Cook

Helen Dean

Tony Hughes

Geoffrey Reed

Grace Reed
Prompt Marguerite Alexander
Programme Tracy Jarrett

"She's as headstrong as an allegory on the banks of the Nile."