Robin Hood The Panto


December 1987

The Cast
Nymph Marjorie Ledger
Robin Hood, Earl of Huntingdon Janina Dixon
Little John Malcolm Tyrer
Friar Tuck Charlie Cook
Wilma Scarlett Alison Tyrer
Maid Marion Hayley Clarke
Lord Fitzwalter Barry Phillips
Bess Jim Wakeford
Knibbles, a mouse Clive Williams
Sir Guy Gisbourne Andrew Gething
Cedric Kevan Earl
1st Guard Val Barlowe
2nd Guard Emma Savage
Mayoress Grace Reed
Barman Alan Stansfield
1st Villager Barbara Frost
2nd Villager Isobel Yuille
3rd Villager Emma Savage
4th Villager Val Barlowe
Grottbags, Dungeon Mistress Val Barlowe
Prisoner Barbara Frost
Claudia Cottage Emma Savage
Simon Solitaire Isobel Yuille
Serf Freda James
Richard I, King of England Geof Reed
Dressmaker Lily McClory
Herald Barbara Frost
Skeleton Dancers Joanne Taylor
Emma Savage