Directed by Owen Le Blanc


Wednesday 6th April 2005, 7.45pm
Thursday 7th April 2005, 7.45pm
Friday 8th April 2005, 7.45pm
Saturday 9th April 2005, 7.45pm

Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 2004-2005 Season

Grace Reed nominated for the The Geoffrey Kellett Cup for
Best Supporting Actress
for her role in this production

Elinor wants a life ruled by reason, while her sister Marianne respects only the decisions of her heart. Each falls in love with the wrong person: Elinor with Edward, who is engaged to Lucy, and Marianne with Willoughby, who cannot face a life of poverty.

This is Jane Austen at her most thoughtful, but love and humour are never far away! The adaptors try to keep the wit and intensity of the original; the result is fast-moving and engaging.

The Cast
Miss Elinor Dashwood Caroline Lucas
Miss Marianne Dashwood Claire Gwyer
Aunt Jennings Grace Reed
Miss Lucy Steel Julie Hanson
Mr Edward Ferrars Alex Williams
Mr James Willoughby Jon Kerr
Colonel Brandon Tony Hughes
Servants Lucille Connolly
Gordon Dean

Marion Dean

The Crew
Director Owen Le Blanc
Stage Manager Gordon Dean
Lighting Anja Le Blanc
Tobias Schiebeck
Sound Julie Hanson
Properties Marion Dean
Lucille Connolly
Costumes Grace Reed
Marion Dean
Set Design and Artwork Elaine Hughes
Set Construction Gordon Dean
Marion Dean
Karl Douglas

Janet Douglas
Geof Reed
Grace Reed

Lucille Connolly
Programme Julie Hanson
Prompt Marguerite Alexander