Directed by Michele Eaton


Wednesday 15th April 2015, 7.45pm
Thursday 16th April 2015, 7.45pm
Friday 17th April 2015, 7.45pm
Saturday 18th April 2015, 7.45pm


Five strangers arrive at a country house to be auditioned for a 'reality' show, aiming to win a large cash prize.

They have to see how convincingly they can play at being spies; if they can survive the rigours of the ultimate “Spygame”.

At first they accept it as a diversion, an adventure, not to be taken seriously. But things begin to happen to make them wonder about the true purpose of this gathering.

Is it really only a game?

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The Cast
Steve Tobias Schiebeck
Claire Sue Chadwick
Lloyd Jon Beagles
Marie Anja Schiebeck
Daphne Ann Goodwin
Sadie Jane Beagles
Major Daniels Grace Reed

The Crew
Director Michele Eaton
Stage Manager Owen Le Blanc
Sound James Eaton
Lighting Anja Le Blanc
Musical Score James Eaton
Props Marion Dean
Janet Douglas
Costumes Cast & Wilmslow Guild Wardrobe
Prompt Caroline Lucas
Set Construction Members and volunteers of
Wilmslow Guild Players