The Wizard Of Oz

A traditional family pantomime

Directed by Lee Tipton


Wednesday 16th December 2009, 7.15pm
Thursday 17th December 2009, 7.15pm
Friday 18th December 2009, 7.15pm
Saturday 19th December 2009, 2.00pm and 7.15pm

Join Dorothy and her friends in this pantomime version of the Wizard of Oz, as they set off along the yellow brick road on a journey packed with surprises. Scarecrow is looking for a new brain, Tinman is in need of a heart and Cowardly Lion is desperate to find some courage.

On the way they'll meet the munchkins and the meanest, greenest witch ever to straddle a broomstick! But will they reach their journey's end to find the Wizard of Oz and will he be able to grant them their wishes? You can be sure of one thing - there'll be lots of songs, jokes, boos, hisses and cheering for everyone to join in.

"Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Wilmslow Guild Panto!"
(From one of our Panto regulars)

Lee Tipton and Julia Barnes appeared on Tony Barker's Theatre Show on Canalside Community Radio (102.8FM) talking about The Wizard of Oz.

You can download an MP3 of the broadcast here. (5.5MB, 6 minutes)

Award Nominations

This production was nominated for the following awards at the Cheshire Theatre Guild Full Length Play Awards 2009-2010 season:

Backstage Photos

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The Cast
Dancers Abby Tipton
Amy Carter
Elizabeth Cotton
Emily Mayer
Harry Diss
Vicky Carter
Billy Buttons Callum Tipton
Auntie Em David Basnett
Dorothy Gale Bex Stockton
Toto Sophie Diss
Glinda the Good Witch Marion Dean
Mayor of Munchkinland &
Simon Trowel
Matthew Cotton
Doctor of Munchkinland Emily Mayer
Wicked Witch of the West Ann Goodwin
Captain of Witch's Guard Claire Gwyer
Witchit Grace Reed
Wotchit Trevor Williams
Scarecrow Julia Barnes
Tin Man Peter Cotton
Cowardly Lion Geoff Brocklehurst
Guardian of Oz Janet Douglas
Wizard of Oz Gordon Dean
Ghost Amy Carter


The Crew
Director Lee Tipton
Assistant Director Geof Reed
Stage Manager Karl Douglas
Lighting & Special Effects Bill Beton
Lighting Assistant Matthew Beton
Sound Lee Tipton
Wardrobe Grace Reed
Marion Dean
Properties Lucille Connolly
Choreography Maureen Gray
Make Up Gill Beton
Make Up Model Abigail Beton
Backstage Crew Michele Eaton
Judith Stockton
Musical Selection Lee Tipton
Callum Tipton
Set Carpenter Ron Hulme
Set Artwork Peter Hammond
Set Construction The Company
Programme Julia Barnes