Under Milk Wood

by Dylan Thomas


October 1986

The Cast in Order of Appearance
First Voice Grace Reed
Second Voice Grace Reed
Captain Cat Tony Hughes
First Drowned Jeff Lomax
Second Drowned Geoffrey Reed
Third Drowned Jamie Spawton
Fourth Drowned Gordon Dean
Fifth Drowned Mark Glover
Mog Edwards Ted Gwyer
Myfanwy Price Janet Douglas
Jack Black Mark Glover
Waldo's Mother Helen Dean
Mrs Blodwen Waldo Valerie Barlow
Mr Waldo Philip Hannam
First Neighbour Kathryn Stephenson
Second Neighbour Betty Hannam
Third Neighbour Teresa Robertson
Fourth Neighbour Patricia Helingoe
Matti's Mother Betty Hannam
Matti Vicky Walker
Rev. Eli Jenkins Vince Knowles
First Woman Cheryl Hammersley
Second Woman Isobel Yuille
Third Woman Sarah Hannam
Fourth Woman Julie Litchfield
Fifth Woman Joanna Moyle
Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard Marjorie Ledger
Mr Ogmore Arthur Ledger
Mr Pritchard John Pritchard
Gossamer Beynon Sarah Hannam
Organ Morgan John Waterhouse
Utah Watkins George Yuille
Mrs Utah Watkins Isobel Yuille
Ocky Milkman Andrew Gething
Willy Nilly Mark Green
Mrs Willy Nilly Cheryl Hammersley
Sinbad Sailors Nigel Stewart
Lily Smalls Teresa Robertson
Mae Rose Cottage Louise Brierley
Butcher Beynon Keith Roberts
Mr Pugh Nigel Stewart
Mrs Organ Morgan Valerie Barlow
Mary Ann Sailors Marjorie Ledger
Dai Bread Andrew Gething
Polly Garter Val Fentem
No Good Boyo Mark Green
Lord Cut Glass John Chidgey
Voice of a Guide Book Val Fentem
Mrs Beynon Margaret Smith
Mrs Pugh Sarah Hannam
Mrs Dai Bread One Grace Reed
Mrs Dai Bread Two Patricia Helingoe
Mrs Cherry Owen Betty Hannam
Mr Cherry Owen Charlie Cook
Old Man George Yuille
Evans the Death George Yuille
Jack Black John Pritchard
Two Children Katie and Becky Fentem
Bessie Bighead Isobel Yuille
Cat Simba
Village Children:  
Gwennie Sarah Leach
Billy Alexander Montgomery
Johnnie Cristo Paul Windram
Dickie Michael Leach
  Gemma Boddy
  Becky Fentem
  Katie Fentem
  Sarah Galea
  Katherine Tomlinson
  Stuart Tomlinson
  Vick Walker