Directed by Cynthia Ridout


Thursday 16th October 2003, 7.45pm
Friday 17th October 2003, 7.45pm
Saturday 18th October 2003, 7.45pm

Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 2003-2004 Season

Rosy Williams awarded the The Geoffrey Kellett Cup for
Best Supporting Actress
for her roles in this production

Under Milk Wood is Dylan Thomas' most famous and enduring work now translated into over 50 languages. It conjures the intimate dreams and innermost desires of the inhabitants of Llareggub - a small sea town somewhere in Wales. It's bawdy and beautiful, sad and sensual and through the music of language creates indelible, unforgettable images of humanity.

The Cast in Order of Appearance
First Voice Grace Reed
Second Voice Grace Reed
Captain Cat Tony Hughes
First Drowned Jeff Lomax
Second Drowned Geoffrey Reed
Third Drowned Jamie Spawton
Fourth Drowned Gordon Dean
Fifth Drowned Mark Glover
Mog Edwards Ted Gwyer
Myfanwy Price Janet Douglas
Jack Black Mark Glover
Waldo's Mother Helen Dean
Little Boy Waldo Harry Marsland
Mrs Waldo Tracy Jarrett
Mr Waldo Tony Hughes
First Neighbour Claire Gwyer
Second Neighbour Janet Douglas
Third Neighbour Lucille Connolly
Fourth Neighbour Louise Marsland
Matti's Mother Louise Marsland
First Woman Marion Dean
Second Woman Lucille Connolly
Third Woman Katy Stonehouse
Fourth Woman Marion Dean / Megan Hughes
Fifth Woman Janet Douglas
Preacher Jeff Lomax
Mrs Ogmore Pritchard Janet Douglas
Mr Ogmore Geoffrey Reed
Mr Pritchard Jeff Lomax
Butcher Beynon Geoffrey Reed
Mrs Beynon Tracy Jarrett
Gossamer Beynon Claire Gwyer
Organ Morgan Ted Gwyer
Mrs Organ Morgan Helen Dean
Utah Watkins Gordon Dean
Mrs Utah Watkins Janet Douglas
Ocky Milkman Mark Glover
A Voice Gordon Dean
Willy Nilly Postman Jamie Spawton
Mrs Willy Nilly Tracy Jarrett
Mae Rose Cottage Rosy Williams
Rev Eli Jenkins Jeff Lomax
Mr Pugh Gordon Dean
Mrs Pugh Marion Dean
Lily Smalls Claire Gwyer
Dai Bread Tony Hughes
Mrs Dai Bread One Louise Marsland
Mrs Dai Bread Two Tracy Jarrett
Polly Garter Rosy Williams
No Good Boy Jamie Spawton
Lord Cut Glass Geoffrey Reed
Gwennie Megan Hughes
Cherry Owen Gordon Dean
Mrs Owen Lucille Connolly
Sinbad Sailors Ted Gwyer
Mary Ann Sailors Lucille Connolly
Old Man Jeff Lomax
Evans the Death Chris Barnes
Fisherman Chris Barnes
Bessie Bighead Marion Dean
Billy Harry Marsland
Johnnie Christo Sam Johnson
Dicky Daniel Quinn
Child with Mother Lauren Hemingway

The Crew
Director Cynthia Ridout
Assistant Director Lucille Connolly
Stage Manager Karl Douglas
Lighting Tobias Schiebeck
Anja Bindrich
Sound Anja Bindrich
Costumes Grace Reed
Marion Dean
Set Design Grace Reed
Set Construction Lucille Connolly
Gordon Dean
Janet Douglas
Karl Douglas
Pauline Jellicoe
Jeff Lomax
Grace Reed
Geoffrey Reed
Artwork Elaine Hughes
Prompt Marguerite Alexander
Programme Tobias Schiebeck