Traditional Family Pantomime

by Syd Mence


Wednesday 13th December 1995, 7.15pm
Thursday 14th December 1995, 7.15pm
Friday 15th December 1995, 7.45pm
Saturday 16th December 1995, 2.00pm
Saturday 16th December 1995, 7.45pm

Mid Cheshire Theatre Guild Awards 1995-96 Season

Nominated for The James Tait Award
for Best Production with Musical Content

Nominated for The Margaret Thomas
Salver for Best Costume


Once again our writer/director Syd Mence has produced his own tailor-made adaptation of a classic pantomime story. Get ready to boo the villains and cheer the heroes in this no holds barred Christmas extravaganza!

Believing that King Richard has been killed whilst on a Crusade, the Sheriff of Nottingham plots to put the King's brother Prince John on the throne of England. Sir Geoffrey, Richard's trusted aide, is also said to be dead, leaving his children John and Rebecca (the Babes) alone. News arrives, however, that Richard is alive and being held to ransom. The Sheriff and Prince John decide not to pay the ransom and to capture the children as insurance. Yet deep in Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood hears of their evil deeds, and sets out to free the children and arrange for the release of his King...

The Cast
Sheriff of Nottingham David Carlile
Steward John Banks
Courtiers Lucille Connolly
Janet Woodward
Sir Percy Danny Traynor
Fairy Godmother Jean Drinkwater
John Adelle Cockshott
Rebecca Rebekah Carlile
Robin Hood Jane Broadley
Will Scarlet Ruth Illingworth
Alan-a-Dale Joanne Chilton
Lady Marian Christine Bowers
Prince John Rick Marshall
Little John Gill Hammond
Mistress Maybelle Merrimum Owen Le Blanc
Horse Suzy Mence
Emily Newman
Flowers Adelle Cockshott
Lucille Connolly
Owen Le Blanc
Suzy Mence
Emily Newman
Danny Traynor
Basil Bee John Banks
Vicious Syd Alan Lucas
Friar Tuck Janet Woodward
Tax Collectors John Banks
Danny Traynor
Ambulance Crew Lucille Connolly
John Banks
Danny Traynor
Egor Alan Lucas
The Voice of the Parrot Andy Burrows
Sir Geoffrey Ian Illingworth
King Richard Bill Beton
Innkeeper Danny Traynor
Serving Girl Jill Fuller

The Crew
Writer & Director Syd Mence
Assistant Director David Carlile
Stage Manager John Banks
Production Assistant Suzy Mence
Musical Director Owen Le Blanc
Musical Arrangements Gordon Livingston
Wardrobe Jill Fuller
Properties Danny Traynor
Lighting Ian Illingworth
Sound Bill Beton
Deborah Townsend
Special Effects Bill Beton
Ian Illingworth
Deborah Townsend
Danny Traynor
Set Design John Banks
Danny Traynor
Prompt Suzy Mence
Choreography Jane Broadley
Gill Hammond
Publicity Bill Beton
Julie Hanson
Stage Assistants James Coghlan
Martin Theobald
Deborah Townsend