directed by Jean Drinkwater


Thursday 21st March 1996, 7.45pm
Friday 22nd March 1996, 7.45pm
Saturday 23rd March 1996, 7.45pm

Billy Fisher, a youth fed up with his northern family background and his job as an undertaker's clerk, frequently lets his imagination run wild and escapes into his own fantasy world, which for Billy makes life endurable.

However, as he attempts to lie his way out of every predicament, he conjures up ever more absurd explanations which only seem to get him deeper into trouble...

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The Cast
Florence Boothroyd Lucille Connolly
Geoffrey Fisher Alan Lucas
Alice Fisher Pat Helingoe
Billy Fisher Dai Richards
Arthur Crabtree Gordon Livingston
Barbara Ruth Illingworth
Rita Fiona Marshall
Liz Gill Hammond

The Crew
Director Jean Drinkwater
Stage Management
& Set Construction
Geoff Reed
Grace Reed
Staging Chris Saunders
Lighting Ian Illingworth
Sound Bill Beton
Properties Julie Hanson
Christine Bowers
Prompt Janet Woodward