December 1988

The Cast
Cinderella Lucy Bond
Buttons, Friend of Cinderella Charlie Cook
Prince Charming Sarah Keegan
Dandini, Squire to Prince Charming Elinor King
Baron Hardupp Vince Knowles
Baroness Hardupp Grace Reed
Semolina (Ugly Sister) Val Fentem
Tapioca (Ugly Sister) Ali Tyrer
Ammer (Broker's Man) Malcolm Tyrer
Tongs (Broker's Man) Kevan Earl
Fairy Godmother Moyra Hampson
Major Domo Bob Chaloner
David Carlile
Villagers Becky Fentem
Katie Fentem
Joe Frost
Barbara Frost

The Crew
Director John Chidgey
Musical Director Val Fentem
Stage Manager Geoff Reed
Set Construction Geoff Reed
David Melliar-Smith
Kevan Earl
Alan Stansfield
Set Painting Malcolm Tyrer
Lighting Peter Jones
Martin Theobald
Costumes Grace Reed
Pam Pantling
Pauline Theobald
Sound Alan Stansfield
Sound Recording Charlie Cook
Piano Owen Le Blanc
Rehearsal Prompt Moyra Hampson
Front of House Janet Waters
Programme Owen Le Blanc