How the Other Half Loves

by Alan Ayckbourn

October 1992

The Cast
Frank Foster Syd Mence
Fiona Foster Patricia Helingoe
Bob Phillips Chris Saunders
Teresa Phillips Julie Hanson
William Featherstone David Carlile
Mary Featherstone Jane Broadley

The action of the play takes place in the living rooms of the Fosters and the Phillips.

Act I Scene 1 Early Thursday morning
Act I Scene 2 Evening
Act II Scene 1 Saturday morning
Act II Scene 2 Sunday morning

Time - the present.

The Crew
Director Grace Reed
Sound Gordon Livingston
Lighting Gordon Livingston
Backstage John Banks
Lucille Connolly
Owen Le Blanc
Dai Richards
Set Design Grace Reed

Alan Ayckbourn writes plays about people we all know. If you have ever been invited to dinner by the boss - even if you are the boss - you may recognise someone in tonight's story. We have enjoyed preparing this offering for you, and we hope you enjoy the dish set before you.