Christmas Humbug


December 1989

Christmas in the Market Place

The Cast
Old Melchior George Yuille
Old Columba Isobel Yuille
Joey David Carlile
Maria Patricia Helingoe
Bruno Michael Maxwell

Dick Whittington

The Cast
Fairy Bowbells Grace Reed
King Rat John Banks
Tommy the Cat Gillian Turner
Idle Jack Alan Lucas
Alderman Fitzwarren John Pritchard
Maggie, the Cook David Carlile
Dick Whittington Sarah Hannam
Alice Fitzwarren Samantha Maxwell
Captain Geoffrey Reed
Boatswain Jane Broadley
Sultana Rustifustican Evelyn Dowell
Zeldomphed, her servant Jane Broadley
Jujube, her daughter Allie Schwaar
Nougatine, her daughter Jane Schwaar

The Crew
Director Moyra Hampson
Set Geoffrey Reed
Grace Reed
Malcolm Tyrer
Wardrobe Grace Reed
Sound Geoffrey Hampson
John Banks
Michael Maxwell
Lighting Martin Theobald
Ticket Secretary Christine Reed
Front of House Janet Waters