by Philip King and John Boland

The Wilmslow Guild Players have more than one problem on their hands in Murder in Company: a prowler on the loose attacking young girls; a caretaker who can't resist the opportunity for blackmail, not to mention the fatal accident - or was it murder?


Thursday 14th October 1993, 7.45pm
Friday 15th October 1993, 7.45pm
Saturday 16th October 1993, 7.45pm

The Cast
Alan Wilson Chris Saunders
Margaret Stevens Pat Helingoe
Ted Smith David Carlile
Philip Stevens David Wood
Ronnie Meadows Alan Lucas
Phoebe Kershaw Grace Reed
Patricia Robins Christine Hunter
Doris Stewart Julie Hanson

The Crew
Director John Banks
Stage Manager Lucille Connolly
Ruth Walters
Lighting Ian Illingworth
Sound Bill Beton
Properties Ruth Walters
Prompt Colette McGrath

Music composed by John Banks, arranged and performed by Gordon Livingston.