Natural Causes

by Eric Chappell

Walter and Celia Bryce live in a Georgian house with a lovely garden and a trout stream. The secretary, Angie, helps Walter write historical biographies. Withers, who is a Samaritan, and Vincent, who is not, visit them one day in late spring. Will any of them die, willing or unwilling, from natural causes?


Thursday 13th October 1994, 7.45pm
Friday 14th October 1994, 7.45pm
Saturday 15th October 1994, 7.45pm

The Cast
Vincent Syd Mence
Walter Bryce Owen Le Blanc
Angie Julie Hanson
Celia Bryce Nancy Richards
Withers Gordon Livingston

The Crew
Director Jean Drinkwater
Stage Manager Christine Hunter
Lighting Adrian Collins
Sound Danny Traynor
Prompt Alan Lucas
Set Construction Grace Reed
Geoffrey Reed