Sleeping Beauty

by Syd Mence




Wednesday 15th December 1993, 7.45pm
Thursday 16th December 1993, 7.45pm
Friday 17th December 1993, 7.45pm
Saturday 18th December 1993, 2.00pm
Saturday 18th December 1993, 7.45pm
The Cast
Storyteller David Carlile
Fortuneteller Nancy Richards
Gypsy King Alan Lucas
Rosalie Ruth Walters
Gypsies Clare Ankers
Sandra Gill
Suzy Hart
Gordon Livingston
James Smith
Prince Roland Julie Hanson
Squire Derwent Jean Drinkwater
Giacomo Dai Richards
Duchess Grace Reed
Countess Moyra Hampson
Babies Jane Broadley
Gordon Livingston
King Ludwig Alan Lucas
Queen Isoadora Lucille Connolly
Nanny Nancy Richards
Duke John Banks
Count Gordon Livingston
Fairy Queen Pat Helingoe
Fairies Ruth Walters
Julie Hanson
Jean Drinkwater
Owen Le Blanc
Adelle Cockshott
Melisanda Jane Broadley
Cooks Sandra Gill
Suzy Hart
Sleeping Beauty Debbie Potter
Justin Thyme James Smith
Tinker John Banks
Baron Grimm Gordon Livingston
Mean Grace Reed
Nasty Moyra Hampson
Au Pair Ruth Walters
Guardian Owen Le Blanc
Statues Suzy Hart
Dai Richards
Peeler Alan Lucas
Frog Debbie Potter
Dog Adelle Cockshott
Parrots Clare Brunet
Syd Mence
Cow Danny Traynor
Gill Hammond
Dragon Dai Richards

The Crew
Director Syd Mence
Stage Manager Geoffrey Reed
Backstage Gill Hammond
Chris Saunders
Danny Traynor
Lighting Martin Theobald
Sound Bill Beton
Ian Illingworth
Piano Owen Le Blanc
Costumes Grace Reed
Properties Lucille Connolly