The Wizard of Oz: The Pantomime


Wednesday 16th December 1992, 7.45pm
Thursday 17th December 1992, 7.45pm
Friday 18th December 1992, 7.45pm
Saturday 19th December 1992, 2.00pm
Saturday 19th December 1992, 7.45pm

The Cast
Mayor Dai Richards
Mayoress Moyra Hampson
Small Munchkins Adelle Cockshott
Cheryl Tyler
Witch of the East Julie Hanson
Dorothy Jane Broadley
Witch of the North Grace Reed
Scarecrow Chris Saunders
Tin Man John Banks
Witch of the West Ruth Walters
Cowardly Lion David Carlile
Guardian Gordon Livingston
Wizard of Oz Alan Lucas
Apes Gillian Price
Suzy Mence
Witch of the South Dai Richards

Munchkins, guards and citizens played by Hannah Booth, Tom Copeland, Robert Davies, Alistair Fox, James Fox, Garry Guest, Megan Jenkins, Gareth Jones, Alex McKenzie, Juliet McLeod, Nick Pattison and Roberta Sutton.

Other parts by Lucille Connolly, Jean Drinkwater, Sandra Gill, and other members of the company.

The Crew
Director Syd Mence
Stage Manager Geoffrey Reed
Assistant Stage Manager Lynda Webb
Sound Bill Beton
Ian Illingworth
Piano Owen Le Blanc
Lighting Martin Theobald
Special Effects Martin Theobald
Costumes Lucille Connolly, with
help from Grace Reed
Properties Lucille Connolly
Set The company, with
Adrian Ball
Nick McIntyre
Barry McGuigan